Häufig gestellte Fragen zum Thema Outsourcing

I have developed a product and would like to have this produced. Unfortunately, I have no idea of process design or production. Can Subcon Industries still help me?

Our team of experts comprises all areas of production and development. Thus, we are able to offer the entire product chain – from development to series production.

What type of products can Subcon Industries manufacture for me?

A typical portfolio can’t be defined exactly. Any customer request is parsed on feasibility first. Products from the food, agricultural and chemical industry are not part of Subcon Industries portfolio.

Who cares about the Customs and transport formalities?

On request Subcon industries (which would be also our recommendation) acquires all customs and transport formalities.

What other services does Subcon Industries offer?

Besides the classic production of products, Subcon industries can also provide customers with sorting actions, rework and repair activities, packaging activities, audits (domestic and external), can help with the process design, sourcing of products from Eastern Europe, transport and customs clearance activities.
We suggest to contact us for “other services” directly by using our contact form.

Where does the material (BOM) come from?

Basically the material should be provided by the customer. But we have built a large portfolio of local suppliers, which can be drawn for each project as a supplier in consideration. Experience has shown that this is another great potential to save cost.

What machines and production facilities are there at the production sites?

The production facilities are equipped with a wide machine park. However, if a special device is required for the production, the customer must provide Subcon Industries with the missing equipment.

What is meant by “FairPlay”?

We run our business in a sustainable and responsible way towards our employees, partners and customers. We see our employees as our most important asset and offer them an above-average pay, training and extensive social incentives. This will be of great benefit for our customers and our partners.

Who is my contract and contact person?

Subcon industries is your sole contract and contact person and responsible for the smooth running of your production.

How does Subcon Industries ensure top quality?

We only work with companies, which are certified according to international quality standards (ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO TS 16949). Our Austrian engineering and quality assurance team guarantees optimum quality on-site.

Is Subcon Industries able to build prototypes?

Our production range from prototypes to pilot series, small, mass and serial production.

In what currency will be charged?

All product prices, services and invoices are in Euro (€)

Do I have to pay a brokerage fee to Subcon Industries?

There is not a brokerage fee in the strict sense. Our manufacturing and sourcing services are included in the unit price. Other services, such as audits and process design will be charged separately.

What are the first steps of the process before mass production is started?

After a detailed analysis and feasibility study of the customer’s project, Subcon industries provides the first free samples of the product. As a result, we offer a risk-free way to check the quality and functionality, without further obligations for our customers.

How does the business model of Subcon Industries work?

Subcon industries produce on behalf of customers in European locations, which makes Subcon Industries your direct contract and contact partner. We organize outsourcing and taking care of your production, the engineering, the Customs Affairs, process design & production planning.

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